What We Do

We offer our Clients:

  • Broad-based solutions to customer problems through a consultative approach that adds value and stimulates a partnership.
  • Process Selection- Experienced with multiple processes and the ability to choose the best application for the client.
  • Education- We provide expectations on the manufacturing process, timeline and budget.
  • Our Manufacturing partners offer prototype services and will supply first article parts on request and engineering services to optimize your designs for the best value.
  • Cost Optimization.
  • Assistance in Logistics and Delivery.
  • Local Account Representative to provide customer service, ongoing communication and follow up.
  • Networking.

As a Manufacturer’s Representative we:

  • Act as the communication and customer service liaison between the Customer and Manufacturer.
  • Provide sales support.
  • Adopt a consultative approach to problem solving and trouble shooting.
  • Geographically placed as a local presence.