Turned Parts

Med-Large Volumes
North Minneapolis, MN

With over 60 years of growth and experience the team at Anderson Automatics is at the forefront of high precision machining in stainless steel, carbon and alloy screw stock, brass, aluminum, exotic metals and plastics. Anderson Automatics offers manufacturing flexibility with Screw Machining, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Swiss Machines and Complete Secondary Operations, allowing for exceptional versatility, adding value and reducing costs.

Fully automated machining allows creation of efficient work cells. This allows machinists to focus on quality -- and the company to retain its position as the competitive leader in the marketplace.

The Anderson Automatics primary equipment list includes:

  • 22 - 6 Spindle Screw Machines
  • 12 - Single Spindle Screw Machines
  • 3 - CNC Vertical Machining Centers
  • 6 - CNC Turning Centers
  • 3 - Swiss Machines


  • Kan-Ban Systems
  • Pull Schedules
  • Bar Code Capabilities
  • Specialty Packaging
  • Multiple Releases
  • Medium to Large Volume Production Runs

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