Photo Chemical Machining and Metal Etching

Thin film etching, Photochemical etching/machining,
Thin metal machining, Tight Tolerances, Stainless
Steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and beryllium.
Tacoma, WA

Northwest Etch Technology has been using chemical machining to produce complex metal parts since 1978.

Precision thin metal machining through chemical etching assures that your parts are manufactured to exacting standards without the normal stress and deformation created by alternate machining methods.

Etching offers low cost tooling and a relatively quick turnaround of prototype parts as well as production runs from several parts to many thousands of the same part.

By utilizing the ability to etch on both sides of a part, unique part geometries and configurations are possible, opening the door to engineering solutions otherwise unavailable in design. This ability also allows for machining thicker parts through the simultaneous etching of both sides.

Working with material from .0005 to .060 thick, they have the unique ability to etch sheet widths up to 60 inches. This brings massive projects requiring single sheet conformity and continuity into design potential.

Northwest has in-house CAD and engineering capabilities and would be happy to work with your engineers in suggesting the best way to design a product using chemical machining. Their web site has valuable information on hole diameters, radius and slot width considerations you should take into consideration in your design.

Their full inspection and certification capabilities assure that the products produced will meet the critical dimensions of your part consistently. As a full service manufacturer, they can handle any special bending, plating or heat treating that your product requires; on time and to specification.

  • Thin film etching
  • Photochemical etching/machining
  • Thin metal machining
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Stainless Steel, brass, copper, aluminum and beryllium
  • Width to 60 inches
  • Thickness from .0005 to .060

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