Wal-Tek Received The Quarterly Award From Amsafe For Excellence As A Supplier

Once per quarter, AmSafe – the leading worldwide manufacturer of aircraft seatbelts, reviews and selects one vendor or individual to be recognized as an outstanding asset to AmSafe’s strategic mission. This year the first quarter award was presented to Neil Jack of Gregory and Associates as only the second representative ever to receive the recognition. The second quarter award was then presented to Wal-tek Industries, one of Gregory and Associates premier suppliers of machined metal components. It is an unusual and unique honor to be presented two consecutive awards of this nature. Gregory and Associates, and Wal-tek would like to thank AmSafe for this singular honor.



Challenge: Ulthera, a leader in aesthetic and body treatments needed a plastics specialist. The goal was to bring the Ulthera product to market in a productive and profitable manner taking into consideration product life, time to market, initial capital investment and piece part savings.

Solution: Two production methods were studied and compared to achieve the best possible outcome as judged by the given criteria. It was decided that the necessary components would best be manufactured by Copperstate Plastics using a vacuum/pressure molding combination that achieves an economy of capital spending, coupled with a quality appearance needed in the medical market.


Heckler Design

Challenge: Dean Heckler of Heckler Design needed a high quality, U.S.A. source for his product line. As a new company, without benefit of sales history to indicate inventory volume, Heckler Design had to be nimble and able to meet an uncertain demand within a short period of time for the manufacturing. 

Solution: One of the benefits of working with Gregory and Associates is our ability to bring several different manufacturing processes together for the completion of a given product. Our extensive experience in manufacturing and the highly reliable available resources allow our clients to concentrate on designing new products without undue concern about the ongoing intricacies of manufacturing the existing product line while maintaining a high degree of excellence in product quality.


Right Bio Metrics

Challenge: Right Bio Metrics approached Gregory & Associates and their expertise for a product redesign when moving production back to the United States from Mexico.

Solution: With an aggressive timeline of nine months, Danny Kleitsch and the team at Icon Injection Molding, of Phoenix, AZ, redesigned, revamped, tested, tooled and placed into production the component to meet Right Bio Metrics’ needs. In addition, the new design and manufacturing process reduced the cost of the product by an astounding 600%.


West Coast Ports Labor Contract Still In the Making

With the deadline for labor contract negotiations between the International Longshore Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association arriving last night, the current status remains in flux. By Patrick Burnson

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US Reshoring Hits Tipping Point

The United States has reached a point where it is bringing back as many jobs from overseas as it is losing to offshoring, the Wall Street Journal reports. This assessment comes from the Reshoring Initiative, a nonprofit group that promotes the movement of production and labor back domestically, a system known as reshoring. The turning point was reached in 2013, when 40,000 jobs returned to the United States as the same number moved abroad. In comparison, in 2003, 150,000 manufacturing jobs left the country as only 2,000 returned.


US Manufacturing Increases at Fastest Rate in 4 years

Markit Flash U.S. Manufacturing PMI™ - Manufacturing PMI points to strongest improvement in overall business conditions since May 2010. By 24/7 Staff

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